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24 Principles

1. The New Birth, Ye Must Be Born Again - The new birth is a call from God to spiritual transformation changing our nature and lifestyle and bringing us into compliance with the word of God. Spiritual transformation is an absolute requirement and prerequisite before one can safely lay claim to salvation (St. John 3:1).

2. The Keeping of the Ten Commandments Written by God’s Own Finger - The commandments are God’s unalterable law that is imposed on every believer by the authority of the Holy Spirit. They demonstrate our submission to the will of God and our love for His word. The best known are the Ten Commandments but the Commandments of God are comprised of all of His mandates for mankind. They are essential to salvation and cannot be ignored.

3. Divine Healing - It is the will of God that through faith, man is healed or sustained by the power of God. Believers should know that God is fully able to provide spiritual, physical or mental healing. Healing belongs to God and its power is often given to His servant, to execute His will through the Holy Spirit or to others as spiritual gifts. In any case, God has mercy upon those whom He wishes (Romans 9:18); therefore our healing is totally dependent upon Him.

4. The Administration of Feet Washing and Communion at the Same Service - The practice of feet washing is preparatory to receiving the body and blood of Christ through communion. It is a mark of cleansing and humility that was demonstrated by Jesus Christ himself with His disciples and commanded that we should do as He had done (St. John 13:15).

5. Tithes and Offerings, An Early Duty of the People of God - Tithing, a tenth part of one’s increase was the subject of a variety of directives in the Bible. It was required of everyone regardless of class or status and provided support for the leaders (Levites and Priest, and for the administration of the tabernacle.) The Deuteronomic code established further uses for the tithe of agricultural produce and suggested that family feast at the sanctuary celebrating God’s provision was a proper use (Deuteronomy 4:22-27). The same code stipulated the third year’s tithe for care of the Levites, orphans, widows and foreigners (Deuteronomy 14:28-29). The New Testament treatment of tithing proves that the concept survived dispensation and covenants and remains a requirement for mankind today.

6. The Eating of Selective Foods as Holy People Should - God established a diet for mankind that remains today. It contains an irrevocable list of clean and unclean foods. Many forbidden animals were objects of superstition and idolatry to the heathen, so God's people were taught to make distinction between holy and unholy. The final diet that God established became a defining characteristic of those who love Him and keep His commandments.

7. Everlasting Life Before Going Through the Grave - One of the most compelling reasons for living a righteous life is the promise of “everlasting life” with Christ. According to the Bible, all mankind will inherit eternal life either in the blessing of God’s presence or the damnation of God’s absence. The distinguishing characteristic of these two options is not its duration but its quality. “Godliness is profitable with respect to all things because it has promise of life now and of the one about to be:” (1 Timothy 4:8). We must achieve everlasting life before death to inherit the crown of life at the resurrection.

8. Absolute Holiness Through the Love of God - Holiness is a characteristic unique to God's nature which consequently becomes a goal for human moral character. This characteristic is best manifested through the blood of Jesus Christ that transcends all of our sins and the word of God that defines righteousness.

9. Resurrection of the Dead - The proof of victory for the saints is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. His resurrection fulfills the promise that Jesus made to return and retrieve.

10. The Translation of the Saints - The Bible teaches us that flesh and blood cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, those who do enter must shed their corruptible bodies and put on bodies that are both incorruptible and immortal. These changed bodies can only be obtained through the power of God and is awarded only to those who have kept the faith and endured hardness as a good soldier for Christ.

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