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Former Leaders

Our Founding Fathers

The House of God has a rich history due in part to our former leaders to whom we honor on this page. These men were spirit filled leaders and pioneers during the times that they served as spiritual leader of the House of God. We respectfully honor them here as our former Chief Apostle's of the House of God International church.

Bishop R. A. R. Johnson
When Bishop Johnson left the Methodist Church he joined forces with Mother Mary L. Tate who had established an organization in 1903 known as "The Church of The Living God, Pillar and Ground of The Truth". He worked closely with her, but due to his conviction concerning the Sabbath, he began to organize this organization in 1914.
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Bishop A. A. Smith, D. D.
1st Chief Apostle
Bishop Smith was the General Secretary for the National Church and Personal Secretary to Bishop R.A.R. Johnson. Bishop Smith was known for his education and expertise of Hebrew language and taught Hebrew at a school in New York City with Bishop A.J. Ford.
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Bishop S. P. Rawlings
2nd Chief Apostle
Bishop S. P. Rawlings, born August 2, 1914 in Georgetown, Ky. He was the fourth child of the late James and Bessie Elizabeth Rawlings. At the age of six, he was a product of a broken home. Following the death of his mother, Simon was reared by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Robinson of Georgetown, Ky.
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Bishop F. C. Scott
3rd Chief Apostle
In 1935 when Bishop was twelve years old, his family moved up north to Cincinnati, Ohio. He was introduced to Edith Bell Moore by a close friend. Upon their meeting, he thought that she was the most beautiful woman and he knew that he wanted to marry her. He jokingly stated, “I wanted to make sure that I had nice looking children…
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