Reach Out And Touch (R.O.A.T.) program

on Wednesday, 13 March 2019. Posted in Announcements

Reach Out And Touch (R.O.A.T.) program
Please see this announcement on the behalf of Apostle G. R. Dailey, Jr. and the Foreign Mission:

The new Reach Out And Touch (R.O.A.T.) program is being launched by the House of God Foreign Mission.  This program will provide an opportunity for our U.S. members to visit the congregations in other parts of the world.  This program allows for new acquaintances and extends the love of our great church.  The program further enhances the fellowship of the saints who will never have the opportunity to visit the National Temple or the U.S.

The official first R.O.A.T. journey will take place on September  13 & 14, 2019, this comes between the Annual General Convocation and Gods Holy Feast.  Your travel dates are flexible.  However, we are asking everyone to come together to the R.O.A.T mission has set aside for worship and fellowship with our U.K. brethren.  
The focus of this trip is to introduce our United Kingdom members to a component of our National Church.  
The name of our U.K. congregation is "Strong Tower 7th day Assembly has been a member of the National House of God for nearly two years.  
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