Sabbath School Superintendents Meeting

on Tuesday, 21 July 2020. Posted in Announcements

Sabbath School Superintendents Meeting
Dear Sabbath School Superintendents,
Praise the Lord! I hope and pray you and your families are doing well. During the current global pandemic, most of us have become familiar with online Zoom meetings. This tool has been very helpful in allowing the fellowship of the saints and ongoing Sabbath School classes. 
I want to use this platform to meet and communicate with all local Sabbath School superintendents throughout the House of God.  I am asking all local Sabbath School superintendents to meet with me via Zoom on 7/25/20 at 5 pm EST. I hope this meeting will enable us to strengthen our fellowship and enhance the Sabbath School worldwide. Please share the meeting information below with any local Sabbath School superintendents you may know. I look forward to seeing or hearing from you there!
Bro. Joshua Hurst
National Sabbath School Superintendent
Zoom Meeting 7/25/20 at 5 pm EST
Meeting ID 856 1430 2680
Password  317545
Thank you