The House of God Social Work Services is dedicated to serving the entire body of Christ through a comprehensive range of programs. Our diverse subcommittees, each led by licensed mental health professionals or master's level social workers, address specific needs within our community. These subcommittees include child welfare, addictions and substance abuse, adolescent and young adult services, college and career readiness, aging, elder care, memory care, general mental health, and support for pastors and ministers. All our staff members have been thoroughly vetted by the House of God executive staff, human resources, and legal teams, ensuring the highest quality of care for those we serve.

Dr. Juanita E. Brigman


Sister Andrea Colson

Child Welfare Chair

Lady Julia Johnson

Aging & Family Care Services Chair

Elder David Brand, Jr.

Mental Health & Wellness Chair

Minister Elizabeth Williams-Johnson

Youth College & Career Advancement Chair

Evangelist Deborah Baker

Family Support (Couples)

Elder David Wallace

Psychology Committee Member